Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different sizes of tubes and ear-tips?

- The tube and ear-tip sizes are Small (1B), Medium (2B) and Large (3B) - Your order will include a full tube and ear tip customization kit with all sizes.


What size Tubes and Ear-Tips do I need?

- Your Phantom will come with a tube and ear-tip customization kit that will include all sizes of Tubes and Domes as well as instructions to change them. You can find the size that fits most comfortably for you.


Why do I need Phantom for both ears?

- Studies show that if you are experiencing hearing loss in both ears you are likely to hear clearer and more natural with two instruments rather than one.


What kind of batteries does Phantom use?

- Phantom runs on standard 312 hearing instrument batteries available at any supermarket, drugstore or on our website.


Does the Phantom come with Batteries?

- Yes, each Phantom device is shipped with a FREE 4-Pack of Batteries.


Where can I get replacement Tubes and Ear tips?

- Free Tubes and ear-tips are included for the life of the device. Just visit our website to order.


How do I replace the Tubes and Domes?

- Your Phantom comes with a detailed User Manual that includes Step-by-Step instructions on replacing batteries, tubes and tips. Video instructions can also be found on our website. If you require additional help, please feel free to E-MAIL US


How long will batteries last?

- Up-to 14 Days depending on usage.


Where is Phantom made?

- Phantom is tested, engineered and assembled in the USA and made in China


What is your return policy?

- If you return the Phantom within the first 60 days, we will refund your purchase price. More information about our return and refund policy available HERE


What colors are available?

- At the moment Phantom devices are only available in Galactic Silver


How big is the Phantom??

- Phantom is very small and discreet measuring at under 1-inch tall and less than half inch wide. Please see pictures and videos on our website to see how small and discreet the Phantom really is!


How long will it take for my Phantom to be delivered?

- Please allow 5-14 business days for delivery, depending on your location delivery times may vary.


What is the cost of Shipping & Handling?

- Shipping and handling for the Phantom is $19.99 (If you order 2 Phantom sound amplifiers at once the 2nd Phantom ships for free)


How can I order replacement Tubes?

- Replacement Tubes can be ordered on our website for FREE. (Just pay shipping and handling)


How can I track my order?

- You may track your order on with the tracking number we will send with the confirmation of your order shipment.


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