Phantom Sound Amplifier (RIGHT EAR)

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The Phantom digital hearing device is a revolutionary personal sound amplifier (PSAP) that is for anyone looking to improve their hearing. If you have been looking for an affordable solution to hearing impairment, the Phantom PSAP has been created using revolutionary technology that gives you digital hearing at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. Even better, you can order the Phantom online right here with no doctor’s visit! With our fast shipping, you will be hearing better almost immediately!

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Phantom Sound Amplifier (RIGHT EAR)

The Phantom is a revolutionary sound amplifier that is shaking the hearing industry! Packed with great features, the Phantom is an affordable hearing solution that is virtually invisible behind the ear.

Affordable Hearing Solution

If you are ready for better hearing at a fraction of the cost, the Phantom personal sound amplifier is the answer! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids when the Phantom delivers amazing results and saves you money. The Phantom remains affordable even while it delivers amazing sound quality.

Sleek and Discreet

This unit is small, discreet, water-resistant, and is virtually invisible behind the ear. No one will even know you are wearing this amazing product!

Digital and Preset

The Phantom comes with 4 channels and 12 bands to adjust and refine the sound quality to fit your individual needs. This digital hearing device is preset, and you can easily adjust the volume and the program with a simple press of a button to find the perfect fit for every situation you are in (noisy restaurant, concert, conversation, etc.).

Noise Reduction

The Phantom comes with feedback cancellation and noise reduction to deliver great sound quality in even difficult to hear situations. You have the ability to enhance the sounds you want to hear while minimizing distracting background noises.

Tubes and Domes

The Phantom also comes with all sizes of tubes and hypoallergenic domes that can customize your hearing device to perfectly fit your ear. Free replacement tubes and eartips  are included for the lifetime of the device (you just pay the shipping and handling).

NO Doctor’s Exam Required!

The best part is that you do not need a doctor’s visit or exam to use the Phantom; you can order online today and have it shipped right to your door! You don’t need to pay for an exam or a fitting; the Phantom is available to you with the click of a button!


If you are looking for an affordable hearing solution that delivers amazing sound quality and clarity, the Phantom personal sound amplifier is for you. Order the Phantom today!

Shipping Information

Phantom Hearing Offers Free Shipping on your second unit, and standard shipping options for single ear device orders. Orders are shipped within the United States & Cananda. Please contact us for international shipping options.

Warranty Information

For anyone purchasing our personal sound amplifier, Phantom Hearing offers a limited 1-year warranty for personal sound amplifiers, from the date of original purchase. We will repair or replace any defective unit within the limited warranty of its purchase date.

Extended warranties are available up-to 90 days from the original purchase date of your Phantom instrument up to a total of 2-years of total warranty from the date of purchase. A valid proof of purchase will be required for all extended warranty claims.

For More Detailed Information on our warranties, Click HERE.

Wonderful addition to my life. Thank you for making this device.


Bought these devices for my grand dad for Christmas, he can finally hear us talk to him now and the TV is not so loud.


Phantom hearing works better than I expected.


I can't believe the quality of these devices for the price, my local store wanted $3,000 more than I paid.


Have been using my phantom hearing aid for 2 weeks and love them, very small no one knows I'm wearing them.


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